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Migrating from the Old Blog

NOTE: You'll probably notice the date on this post marked as 02/01/2024, even though this is being published on 13/04/2024. Yeah, I sorta forgot to hit publish on this one. 😅 It's still getting updated when appropriate though!

A while back I was experimenting with DNS and hosting as I'd just bought my first domain. It was the perfect excuse to host my own site and showcase what I was making / doing. That site has now been taken down, but the source is still available on GitHub.

Through that project I learned about setting up DNS, static site generation using Hugo, and hosting with Cloudflare Pages. The only real content was an introduction, links to other places to find me, and a list of posts I'd like to eventually write. The first two have been replaced by my new landing page, and the third is the rest of this post.

That giant list of posts to write

This will hopefully get updated over time to remove posts once written, or add ideas I think of.

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